Tropical Glamour:

Dramatic, glamorous and tropical is what our clients requested. A moody, sexy rich color palette coupled with luxurious textiles, dramatic light fixtures and subtle references to coastal living create this glamorous seaside retreat filled with chic cache.

Timeless Transitional:

Earth tones in natural textures, clean lines and graceful shapes make this space dynamic yet easy on the eye suited for relaxation as well as casual family gatherings.

Cosmopolitan Classic:

A young family wanted a tailored, elegant and warm home. Airy and bright with layers of classic motifs, blended with a soft, neutral palette, complement the historic architecture of their classic six apartment.

Modern Traditional:

A fresh approach to traditional styles is the concept. Natural stones and antique silhouettes coupled with a chalky white palette create a residence that is fresh and understated.

Classic contemporary:

This is a dream project! Rich textures in the master suite along with a playful, regal color palette of purples, grays, yellow and ivory created a luxury retreat for two young executives.

Luxe serenity:

A serene color palette of grays coupled with organic textures and patterns allow this home to feel like a haven. Luxe accessories reflect the essence of its owners.

Exotic Elegance:

A painting found during travel inspired the design of this home. Globally inspired elements were carefully curated to embody the clients’ love of cultures, adventure and enjoying life fearlessly.

Modern Luxury:

Clean lines, an airy color palette and bold, fresh patterns in the accessories and art created the modern luxury feel the client requested. Minimal opulence adds elegance and grace.

Coastal Classic:

A love of the ocean and the mountains inspire this design. sparked! Patterns that reflect nature, land and sea, give the home an understated casual elegance.

Modern Sophistication:

Colorful accents created a playful modern feel for a sophisticated young family. Elegant elements of crystal and marble with a modern interpretation beautifully complement the historic architectural details.

Sophisticated Zen:

Rich, warm and comfortable for a growing family is what our clients wanted. Layers of plush textiles, organic, zen elements soothe the spirit with tranquility and inspires relaxation.

Casual elegance:

Casual but elegant was the clients request. With a toddler and baby on the way, practicality was a must. Playful patterns and accessories complement the stately architecture of the home.

Chic Ashore:

Layers of luxurious texture embrace the chic lifestyle of this yacht owner. Plush textures make being ashore stylish and as comfortable as a five star presidential suite.

Classic Chic:

Classic, traditional details and a breezy, beachy color palette capture the newlyweds love of the coast and desire for an at ease home to unwind from their demanding career. Reflective accents create a retreat with style.

Refined eclectic:

Rustic textures with clean lines, mixed with ethnic patterns create a refined eclectic space with elements of surprise.

Elegant Explorer:

Cruising the seas in complete comfort and elegance is the experience to enjoy aboard this luxury yacht. Exotic islands are referenced through the accessories. A neutral palette layered with rich contrasting tones adds drama.

Relaxed Global:

A safari trip to Africa and the heartwarming memories were the inspiration for the design of this home. A globally inspired modern interpretation of tribal patterns in the textiles and hand crafted accessories provide a relaxed, playful feel.